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Ann-Christine Jansson

Born in Sweden, lives and works in Berlin. Since 1980, she has been a freelance photojournalist, both for international newspapers and magazines, as well as for various German magazines such as "Stern", "Die Zeit" and "Der Spiegel". Publications in numerous books. Her photographs have been presented in various international and national solo and group exhibitions. In addition, she has curated several exhibitions. She was also a picture editor at "Svenska Dagbladet", Sweden, and "taz. die tageszeitung", Berlin. Teaching activity in photography at the "Photocentrum" of the department of photography at the Gilberto-Bosques-Volkshochschule. Completed studies of art history, pedagogics and sociology at the University of Stockholm.

Tatiana Abarzúa

Born and raised in Caracas. Environmental engineer and journalist. Her main thematic areas are renewable energies and sustainability. In photography she is interested in people and initiatives that stand up for an eco-social transition. In 2014 she participated in the International Summer University »The Culture of Climate Change - Communicating for the future«. Her photographs taken during the Docu-Art workshop have been published in the catalogue »Erben des Fortschritts - Geschichten von Klima und Wandel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern« (only available in German). Her website provides an insight into her photographic and journalistic activities:

Norah C. Allen

The German-English woman, these days at home in Berlin, discovered analog photography at the age of 12 which became henceforth not only a challenging means of expression of her observations, but her constant companion. During her training as a photographer, she first got to know professional studio photography and then the precarious, dissatisfying aspects of freelance commercial photography. She finally found her passion for archiving photos while studying archive and information science. Today she works as a photo archivist in Berlin. Photography, whether analog or digital, is still a pulsating part of her life. True to the motto: "Photograph your life - if you lose it, it's nice to have a copy", the photographic documentation of the experience is the incentive for you to take pictures.

Doris Bulach

Born in Munich, is a historian and lives and works in Berlin and Munich. Photographic-artistic training at the Photocentrum of the Volkshochschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg where she contributed to the group exhibition Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins (The unbearable lightness of living) (2018). She photographs to capture the fleeting nature of day to day life, showcasing the ordinary through the power of aesthetics.

Petra Dachtler

Spent her childhood near Hannover and studied Slavic languages and European studies in Berlin, Prague and Warsaw. Her passion is travelling and telling about it through her photographs. To her, photography is the best way of sharing her personal impressions of a special atmosphere or moment with others. For professional reasons she lives abroad now and again for a few years, most recently in Tunisia. Her photographs of the unknown parts of this North African country were shown in solo exhibitions in Tunis, 2017, as well as in Berlin, Hannover and Munich (2018/19). The protection of the environment and animals is of personal importance to her. The debate about the future of the tropical garden in Potsdam inspired her for this photo project.

Niclas Förster

Born and raised in Hamburg. Trained as an architect, he lives and works in Berlin. As part of his studies at the HdK Berlin, the documentary "Tel Aviv - Transformation + Experiment" was created in 2001. In 2006 he published a book on "Breslau / Wroclaw - Die Architektur der Moderne" together with K. Beelitz as a photographic status report of the time after the Iron Curtain and at the same time an architectural guide. Various publications, mostly on architectural history, in specialist journals such as “Bauwelt”. For him, the spaces that surround people are at least as interesting as the people themselves.

Jenny Fuchs

Studied Audiovisual Communication in Berlin and Barcelona. After completing her studies, she worked in moving images, so she has been creating films for the web and events for the past 3 years as a video producer. Meanwhile she mainly concentrates on different forms of journalistic and documentary narrative.

René Greffin

Born in Berlin, he holds a degree in social sciences. For 20 years, he has loved taking concert photos at small venues and doing band photography. He regularly publishes his concert photos online at berlinbeat.org. He has various international print publications in magazines, books, LPs and CDs, on a poster and a T-shirt. Before completing his training at the Photography Centre of the Gilberto-Bosques-Volkshochschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg between 2017 and 2019, he has had several exhibitions: at Gallery Scherer 8, multilayerladen (both in Berlin) and at Jansbrugkelder (Utrecht). The motivation for his photography always lies in the productive encounter between people.

Andreas Helle

From East Westphalia. A resident of Berlin since 2000, he previously lived and worked in Gießen, Bielefeld, London, Belfast, Shanghai, Frankfurt am Main, and Brussels. Historian, sociologist, speech writer and political adviser. Various academic and political publications. Photography is a very recent passion for him. Helle recognizes its potential to give a fresh perspective on social, cultural and material forces, which change the way we live.

Britta Indorf

Grew up in the countryside. In the spring of 1989, I came to Berlin to study. Since then I have been living in a big city. What fascinates me about photography is the interplay of light; brightness and darkness. My favourite photo subjects are "couples". Why do I take pictures? To capture the magical moments and the light. What do I want to achieve with the pictures? To capture significant moments of life.

Anton Katz

Training since 2015 in photography at the Photo Center of the Gilberto Bosques Adult Education Center in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. In 2018, his photo series "From Habitat to Goods" was shown as part of the group exhibition "From Darkness and Light" in the Kunstquartier Bethanien. His preoccupation with photography is a search for forms of expression for things that are beyond language.

Lotte Kobel

Born and raised in Hamburg, she worked in Israel and Zimbabwe for over two years after leaving school. There she started taking pictures. This was followed by a degree in human medicine in Hamburg and one in scenic writing at the HdK Berlin. She is a resident physician for psychosomatic medicine and currently works as a lecturer and science journalist. She rejects the notion of the objectivity of photography. She thinks that is an assertion. She photographs out of curiosity and a passion for collecting. She would like to share this curiosity. Sometimes she takes pictures out of speechlessness.

Nicole Kwiatkowski

Born and raised on the Costa Blanca in Spain. She lived and studied in Manchester, UK, for six years. For more than two years, she explored India, Australia and Southeast Asia. In 2016 she moved to Berlin. She has been photographing for various photo agencies for many years and has been published in The Telegraph, National Geographic and Lonely Planet, amongst others. Her photographic focus: travel photography.

Carla Romero

Born in Lima and raised in Caracas. She is an artist and studied sculpture at the University of Arts in Venezuela. Since 2013 lives in Berlin and studies Romance Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies. Her artistic focus is on soft sculptures, drawings and photography. She is particularly interested in the photographic possibilities offered by street imagery, monuments and creative imagery. In addition to her own artistic projects, she teaches art courses for children and teenagers.

Matthias Stange

Born in 1985 and raised in Stuttgart, he studied history and rhetoric in Tübingen and Berlin, then worked as a scientific trainee for the Berlin Wall Foundation. He now writes about the Berlin remembrance culture of the 1980s and works as a freelance event photographer for various memorial sites and public institutions. His focus lies on documenting the city's transformation, the experiences of its residents and public remembrance practices.

Sabine Struve

She has lived and worked in Berlin since 1981 and studied free art and art education at the HdK. After her studies, she worked as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies for several years. Since 2004 she is an art teacher and responsible for public relations in photography / graphics / web design at her school. Her main areas of interest are portrait and architectural photography.

Reinhardt Stuhr

Was born in Delmenhorst and grew up in the northern part of Germany, moving to Berlin after working in Frankfurt am Main and Lübeck. He was already interested in photography during his studies. For example, he photographically documented the limitations of recycling plastic packaging. In recent times, this has been followed by a photographic examination of environmental issues. This interest is expressed in the portraits of selected activists.

Matthias Wilhelm

Born in Zwickau, Saxony. Graduated in electrical engineering at Bielefeld University and has lived in Berlin since 2003. He has been leading offshore wind energy projects since 2006, with a focus on electrical substations (particularly in the Baltic Sea wind farm “Arkona”). He is specialised in street- and travel photography. His photographs have been published in magazines such as National Geographic Germany and other specialist and company-related publications and magazines.