Schoolchildren at a climate strike protest at Invalidenpark in Berlin, Germany on March 29th, 2019

"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew."

Marshall McLuhan

How can we live, produce and consume without exhausting the foundations of human life on Earth? Does our way of life leave an ecological footprint that is too large for our planet? And what does a sustainable, meaningful life in harmony with nature - including human nature - look like?

Many people ask themselves questions like these. Their answers vary considerably. In the documentary photography project course on the subject of »sustainability«, the participating photographers, under the leadership of photojournalist Ann-Christine Jansson, look at various answers to these questions. The projects portray, for example, protests against the overexploitation of nature and against climate change, initiatives to raise awareness of a moderate and conscious use of our natural resources, people who want to produce and consume less and more sustainably, animal welfare and a different way of farming, a careful handling of food, space for nature in the city, people who want to produce less or no waste, and protagonists of sustainable energy production.

During the work on this project, sustainability increasingly took centre stage in political debates in Germany, partly thanks to the Fridays for Future demonstrations that are also taking place in Berlin. This timeliness has influenced the work on the photo projects and the discussions about the photos. Above all, it has sharpened the view of how many facets this topic has. The photographic narratives from different areas of life show that the footprints of individuals can form a widening path towards a more sustainable way of life.

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition will be published in English and German.


#righttorepair by Tatiana Abarzúa

Anni by Lotte Kobel

BERLIN BUZZES by Nicole Kwiatkowski

Block it by Sabine Struve

Of brooms and brushes by Niklas Förster

“Carrots, anyone?” by Matthias Stange

The gap by Anton Katz

Allotment gardens are political by Andreas Helle

Eat My Fear by René Greffin

Hands.on.Plakaten by Carla Romero

Plastic free for future by Britta Indorf

Stop the Waste by Norah C. Allen

Tropical Potsdam by Petra Dachtler

Upcycling with Ulla by Reinhardt Stuhr

Sustainable agriculture by Doris Bulach

"Those who reap the whirlwind..." by Matthias Wilhelm

Wind of change by Jenny Fuchs